We strongly urge you to take the time to fill in all the fields properly before clicking the submit button.  Once an order has been generated, there is a $55 fee for any changes made to the order.  This fee is designed to dissuade changes as they often lead to mistakes in production.  The one exception to this is if your file is too large to upload and you need to send it via a file sharing service.  If you have any questiones when filling in the form, please communicate with your course convener or our very experienced staff to determine what is required

Definately, for a price !  Even if you submit online outside the above hours you cannot jump the queue without a fee. 

 If you need absolute priority there is a same day jump everything service fee of $82.50 (including GST) for hard binds. This fee is purposely high to dissuade people and is not subject to any discount offers.  Please note that it is also not included in the automatically generated quote when using the thesis form.  If you wish to use this option, please make sure to call after submitting your thesis online.

You can do so online.


Saturday is not normally a working day for the physical bindery. However, around the end of the year towards the summer close down Saturday may become a working day. Ask if you are submitting early December or late November.

Unless your institution requires otherwise, 25mm on the sewing edge is quite adequate. We trim 2mm off all 3 outside edges and larger formatted fold out pages should have the outside fold 5mm from the outer edge. The text on pages should be layed out with these constraints in mind.

Yes we close, unlike most of Melbourne's binders, we only close for 2 weeks, remember this if you have deadlines or you will not meet them. This website will have details at the relevant time.

We have called the English manufactured Buckrams "Oxford" The others are from the USA or Europe. The Oxford cloths are matt in appearance whilst the others except the linens, are shinier.

Buckram is an extra durable cloth with strong warp and weft threads. It is used in other applications to bookbinding, including hats and suitcases. All the Universities specify that it be used to cover Theses. It is far more expensive than normal bookbinding cloths and not generally used by larger edition binders.

We are so disappointed in the range of creative materials available to Australia's bookbinders that we import a considerable number of extra colours and materials ourselves (we are the Asia Pacific agents for one high class Italian Mill)  as well as stocking the standard materials available to our competitors.  Our range is larger than that of the local suppliers' ( there are only 2), combined, ranging from a large range of PU to linens and silk. We even commission our own tumeric tanned leathers from time to time.  If you don't see something you'd like in the swatch, please come visit us and we will see what we can dig up.  If you need a custom colour, we can always print it!

Yes we do a tooled and edge gilded copy in full leather with coloured title labels and marbled endpapers or marbled edges  We do not know of anyone else offering this advanced level of craftsmanship however check the website of others especially the quality and the number of photographs of upmarket work. Turnaround is 1 week.

We offer a cheaper alternative using bonded leather. The binding is not as fancy as the genuine leather bindings and is basically the same as the buckram but in bonded leather. This costs an extra $22 including GST. It is not programmed into the online pricing calculator  and needs to be asked for

We complete countless graphics projects for design firms, students and large businesses every year.  Along with the craftsmen doing traditional binding, we employ a team to run our digital cutting table and wide format printers.  These elements allow us to provide you with maximum creativity when it comes to your projects.  If it can be done, we pride ourselves on being able to do it.

Not only do we make boxes to order, we can print the covering to order also. This enables you to use your full creatice suite to design your book cover or box. We accept all illustrator files as well as others.

Unfortunately this is near impossible.  We calibrate our printers everyday, but due to the variance in monitors and environmental conditions, it is extremely difficult to match existing print.  Greys are particularly problematic.  Please keep this in mind and know that this will be a problem with any printer.

You are covered by both the Australia Governement's and the Victorian Government's consumer protection acts.

Please click here to see our policy regarding the handling of your personal information.

As a business that prides itself on being progressive and innovative.. Yes of course we do, and have for some years. 

Our standard prices are considerably lower than those of others, especially after applying the discount offered. So we do charge for delivery. There is no such thing as a free lunch and our fees are up front and not hidden in a higher price. NOTE ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST. 

First, check that all fields are filled in.  Sometimes you might have skipped something at the beginning and not circled back around.  Second, is your browser up to date?  We suggest using Chrome.  Next, sometimes special characters in your title might cause errors.  These could be macrons, tildes, umlauts etc.  Try removing the special character from the text fields and simply make note of it in the special comments.  If you are still having trouble, give us a ring and we'll see what we can do to help!