Law Reports and Legal Bindings

Often refered to as expensive wall paper. Law Books adorn the shelves of most Judges, Lawyers and Politicians. You only need to watch the news to see that interviews are often backdropped with shelves of Law Books. Often bound in leather and carrying an abundance of decoration. Binding Law Reports and Legislation provided the basis of our expertise for decades. It is fortunate that the spines of the books used as backdrops or being read for the camera, cannot be seen, as they are often outdated or irrelevant!! As binders we notice such things. For example: The movie " The Great Gatsby" set in Chicago but filmed in Australian studios, has a series of Australian Leather bound Law Reports on the library bookshelf, that hadnt been issued in the period that the movie was set in, let alone in the USA.  Another ABC mininseries on Australian Prime Ministers has Law Reports in the background that were never issued in the time frame of some of their PMs. Nowadays Law Binding has declined considerably but still keeps us in better form than that of our less experienced competitors.